Jason Springer has spent more hours than he can count watching, playing and talking sports; a Philadelphia fan, his life’s been shaped in part by the agony and the exhilaration of those allegiances.  When not discussing, watching, following online or on social media and /or listening to sports on the radio, Jason is the President of JRS Strategies, a full service communications and digital media consulting firm.

Ryan Strauss is a Philly kid  they way of the ‘burbs.  His favorite of the Philadelphia sports teams is the Union, but all four are like children.  Ryan is also a Bitcoin fanatic, an avid writer and a traveler on the side.

Jeff Rutberg has been following Philly sports since 1959.  That’s a lot of losing seasons for all 4 major sports teams, along with some championships here and there.   About 10 years ago he was bitten by the “radio bug” and graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. A Masters prepared, Registered Nurse with 40 years of experience in a variety of health care settings, Jeff’s also hosted health talk programs.

Heart of Sports 1/22/17 Playoffs!?

Playoffs? The Heart of Sports are talking PLAYOFFS!