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About The Justin & Mike Sports Show


Discover the power of sports and how athletics inspires people of all ages all across the world.   Through in depth interviews, we explore those "magic moments" when our guests fell in love with a sport, mastered a new skill after hours of practice, spent precious time with Mom or Dad having a catch at the park, watched their favorite sports teams with Grandpa or Grandma, got a coveted autograph, caught a foul ball, and more.

All told, some of our best childhood memories involve sports, and we hope our conversations will bring up some of your own most memorable, nostalgic moments as a kid.

Participation in sports, as an athlete or coach, provides the training and tools for success and happiness in life and The Justin & Mike Sports looks at how our guests consciously or subconsciously transferred these skills to a life outside of sports.    Think teamwork, practice, routine, focus, discipline, time management, performing under pressure, and much, much more...  Our guests may learn something about themselves as well!

Sports can have a tremendously POWERFUL and POSITIVE impact on communities, and especially our youth.  In conversation with our guests, we will find out how they've used sports to help make a difference in people's lives.  We hope this will inspire you to do the same!

Your Hosts

Justin Lavner  - A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova Law School, Justin is the CEO/Executive Director of Lavner Camps, offering cutting-edge summer camps in sports, technology, and the arts at 20+ locations throughout the East Coast and in St. Louis.  As an athlete, Justin has been playing sports since age two, and found his true calling as a tennis player.  As a teen, Justin played in tennis tournaments around the world and was nationally ranked in singles and doubles.  In college, Justin played as high as #2 singles and #1 doubles at the University of Pennsylvania, and also competed in professional tennis tournaments.  Justin also played on the varsity basketball team at Abington Friends School.  In the world of media, Justin previously hosted The Business of Sports on 860AM.

Michael Lavner - Michael graduated from Brandeis University (cum laude) and Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law, and is currently the Chief Operating Officer/Director at Lavner Camps.  Growing up in the Lavner household, sports were a fundamental aspect of everyday life and Michael developed a love for sports and competition at a very early age, particularly basketball.  Michael played basketball on travel teams throughout the United States and in international competitions.  Michael also played varsity tennis at Germantown Academy, where he was the only 6th grader in school history to ever play a match for the boys’ varsity team.  Living abroad in Italy, Michael used sports as a tool to immerse himself into the culture and cultivate friendships, many of which still remain today.  Michael is excited to co-host The Justin & Mike Sports Show on 610AM Sports radio!

As two of the leaders in the education industry, Justin and Michael's focus is to drive and deliver high quality learning experiences through summer camp and year-round programs, and simply put, to "make kids' lives better."  Through the dynamic medium of radio, Justin and Michael hope to uncover the power of sports through insightful interviews with guests, topic discussions, and memorable story telling, all while leaving listeners engaged and inspired!